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About us / Singing Lessons , Singing groups & Sing for the brain

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Singing groups are specifically organised to suit the genre age and ability  ....Visit Let's Sing Above

" I never stop learning about the voice , therefore I keep training, I keep going in order to share the ever changing science in this beautiful gift we have " Rebecca

Symphony Singing Studio is a little studio based in Yaddlethorpe,Scunthorpe.

Specifically designed for the teaching and recording of singers.

With 20 years of Live and Recorded singing /performing experience.

Rebecca teaches all ages and abilities from hobbiests to professional singers.


Rebecca offers the best in vocal and performance support as a qualified singing tutor.

Cert in Vocal Pedagogy

Vocal Pedagogy Higher DIP

Grade 8 qualified

DIP Musical Theatre

DIP in Music practice

DIP in Music production

Member of The Vocal college

Member of MU



Estill Qualified

Current training in Vocal rehabilitation for professional singers.





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When looking for a singing teacher or vocal coach.

is so important to use someone with supporting evidence/ qualifications of vocal training.


Knowledge of the anatomy of the voice and its functions are

key especially if teaching children.

Vocal health is utterly the most important priority of any good singing teacher.


As well as being qualified as a singing teacher, Rebecca has worked and trained

with leading specialists in vocal teaching and been inspired by the best worldwide vocal teachers.


What to look for in a singing teacher

david grant

David Grant

ria keen

Dr Ria Keen