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" I never stop learning about the voice , therefore I keep training, I keep going in order to share the ever changing science in this beautiful gift we have " Rebecca

Symphony Singing Studio is a little studio based in Yaddlethorpe,Scunthorpe.

Specifically designed for the teaching and recording of singers.

With over 18 years of Live and Recorded singing /performing experience.


Rebecca offers the best in vocal and performance support also as a qualified singing tutor.

Grade 8 qualified

DIP in Music practice

DIP in Music production

Member of The Vocal college

Member of MU



Estill Level 1 & 2

Current training in Vocal rehabilitation for professional singers

Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy and current training at the Higher level Professional Diploma in teaching singing.




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When looking for a singing teacher or vocal coach . It is so important to use someone with supporting evidence of vocal training /specific qualifications .

I don't mean a Music degree in a non vocal specific subject as this sometimes does not cover the vocal anatomy and physicality of the voice.

Your voice is unique and is with you for your whole life time.

If you have a broken leg ,would you visit an eye specialist for the treatment and rehab?

If you are a professional footballer would you seek advice from a netball coach?

I hope the answer was No! of course not , so why put your precious voice into the hands of someone that may not know how it works?  


I may not be able to offer the best coaching advice in football and I certainly cannot  mend your broken leg but I know the voice.

I know how it works and how to get the absolute best from it safely.


I am so privileged to have been tutored by amazing teachers and vocal specialists.


Over the years my training as a teacher and singer has increased and the knowledge I hold now is a worlds away from what I thought I knew about singing, and I'm still training, still learning.


Its a science, a gift, an instrument,  a mystery sometimes.

But it's yours to discover, you are capable of what ever you want.

The singing journey is beautiful , lots of hills and great company on your way.


"So we will get to know the voice and learn how to play this wonderful instrument together"


Ok lets sing !

Rebecca x

What to look for in a singing teacher

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David Grant

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